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Asheville has a chance to get close to 90 on Friday and Saturday, but temperatures drop off to the low 80s after that, according to the National Weather Service.

"This is perfect," tourist Deborah Firestone said during a visit earlier this week to the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

the region," he said. "The Canadian air masses associated with these frontal passages have kept summer temperatures rather pleasant for the most part around Western North Carolina."

"Ninety degree days are more common now than they were 30 years ago, but they are still fairly rare (in Asheville)," he said, noting Converse Rain Boots

Asheville is winding down its second straight mild summer overall, reinforcing the city's long held reputation as a haven from the oppressive heat of the flatlands. Through Thursday, the city had not recorded a single day with a high temperature at or above 90 degrees, according to the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville.

Even in a heat wave, conditions weren't too bad.

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Converse White High Tops Leather

that the chance for hot weather in the mountains diminishes quickly in September.

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Musician Rob Cook, the Washboard Tie Guy, performs Friday on Pack Square. Wednesday's high of 88 was only the fourth time this summer temperatures have reached 88 or 89, and no 90 degree days have been recorded. Thursday's Converse New Arrival 2018

Asheville's long term average for the number of 90 degree days is 8.6 days per summer, he said.

Heat wave belies otherwise cool Asheville summer

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But before that, Asheville had experienced double digit numbers of 90 degree days every summer but one going back to 2006, according to NCDC records.

"The summers of 1951 to 1954, all of those were hot summers in Asheville," Boyles said.

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While the cool summer last year was the result of frequent cloud cover and record rainfall, this summer's mildness was the result of consistent rain but also a series of cold fronts, Stephens said.

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high was 87.

"We'll take this while we have it," Deborah Firestone said.

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The temperature readings are closely associated with the amount Converse White High Tops Leather of rainfall the city receives.

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"We've had a jet stream position this season that has been suppressed unusually far to the south here in the central/eastern part of the United States, which has brought a number of strong cold fronts through Converse Neon Shoes

A longer range picture of temperature patterns, however, shows 90 degree days are fairly uncommon. Since 2000, the summer of 2014 would be the fifth year without any 90 degree readings, if the pattern holds. And in four other summers the number of such days was in the single digits.

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"It's not unusual to go without 90 degree maxes," Scott Stephens, an NCDC meteorologist, said of Asheville summers. "The years that we get a lot are typically summers characterized by below normal rainfall or drought. Drought in summer translates to plenty of sunny, summer days with dry high pressure, and a dry ground heats up much more quickly than a saturated ground."

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