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With an eye now turned to other tall structures and Womens White High Top Converse Size 5.5

"It's just a pity that they aren't being allowed to turn the lights on, I think if it was lit up, it would be a breathtaking sight for miles around.

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buildings in his home town, his climb up Dream attracted attention from the police who thought they were responding to a possible suicide.

"Dream was purely an interest in climbing it at first, and I did question why so much was being spent on it.

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Converse Shoes Leather

He explained: "They just wanted to know if I had put in Converse No Laces Kids

ST HELENS' answer to Spiderman has scaled the town's new landmark Dream statue, climbing barefoot and even carrying a scrubbing brush so he didn't leave any marks.

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He added: "I'm a 36 year old single father from Haydock, I have two teenage children, one boy and one girl. They don't climb with Converse Shoes With Heels

"However as I turned the corner the first time I went to visit it, I was astounded. It's a Converse Shoes Leather beautiful piece of art and makes a stunning mark on the landscape.

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But Dream is dwarfed in comparison to other structures Bigjobs has tackled, including 120 metre cranes. However he insists it's safer than crossing the road.

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Converse Shoes Leather

any bolts to climb up or did anything to the door at the back.

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he had to climb it From St Helens Star

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Arrested just once throughout his climbing career he was subsequently released without charge.

He and a fellow climber made the successful attempt at around 6.20pm on a grey rainy day. They spent an hour and a half securing the rope in position, but claimed it only took a matter of minutes

"But I hadn't touched anything and didn't want to even leave boot marks on it. I even brushed it as I came down "It's only 20 metres tall, however it's right in the middle of nowhere so it's

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Merseyside Police and anyone found to have caused damage to the sculpture will be dealt with accordingly. For people's own safety they should not climb the object."

me, but my son sometimes acts as sherpa, if it's somewhere like

Referring to himself as just Bigjobs (he prefers to remain anonymous) the daring climber who hails from Haydock said he wanted to climb Dream as soon as he heard it was to be built, but he was

Neighbourhood Police Sergeant Andy Rankine told the Star: "Sutton Manor is a fantastic recreational area for the enjoyment of local people. The site of The Dream sculpture is monitored by

difficult to judge its height against other buildings. It was quite hard just past the hairline, but it's the best view in St Helens."

to climb it.

Dream that is, easily accessible and safe enough. He's known as Littlejobs.

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