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As the head of the Catholic Church and the instigator of much of its vast history, an evening spent with Pope John Paul II would prove fascinating as well as educational.

School/Community activities: National Merit Eagle Scout, South Dakota Symphony, Lincoln High School Marching Band drum major, All State orchestra, band and jazz band, Boys State, golf team

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"That shows you a completely different side of medicine," Carlson said of his volunteer work. "You definitely see

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GPA: 4.135

supposed role it gave to Mary Magdalene in the life of Jesus? Finally, I would pose a question dealing with the Holy Grail and its true nature.

As a fan of mysteries and concealed information, the subterranean catacombs of Vatican City and the secrets of the Catholic Church provide a depth of infinite interest, and no one in the history of the world knows this information as well as the recently deceased Pope John Paul II.

Besides questioning the Pope about the secrets in the Vatican archives, I would ask him about certain historical events in which the Catholic Church is thought to have played a role. Primarily, I would inquire about the former pope's role in the destruction of communist Russia and how the church was able to facilitate its demise. Second, I would inquire about the existence of a relationship between the Catholic Church and Nazi Germany during World War II and if this relationship affected the outcome of the war.

It's hard to find anyone who doesn't think highly of Carlson, including Lincoln High School Principal Valerie Fox.

The Rev. John Christopherson, senior pastor at First Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, agrees. Carlson is a regular attendee and teaches Sunday school to first graders at the church.

If given this opportunity, I would begin the conversation by questioning the pope about the documents in the Vatican's secret archives. For instance what does the Catholic Church truly know about the virgin birth of Jesus? As well, are there truly books of the Bible that were left out because of the Converse Shoes Womens Uk

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A mission trip to Nicaragua opened young Bayard Carlson's eyes and made Converse Chuck 2 White On Feet

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With his intimate knowledge of historical secrets and the Church's involvement in many historical events, Pope John Paul II would prove an extremely interesting companion for an evening of enlightenment.

Parents: Dr. Walter and Martha Carlson

"My dad isn't just letting me relax this summer," Carlson said.

"He has been blessed with many abilities, but his hard work and dedication shoots him to the top in all areas he participates in," Fox wrote in

Carlson's nomination letter. "He has a clear sense of self as well as the direction his life is going."

'He has a clear sense of self'

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Carlson sees becoming a surgeon as a way to give back to those in need. And he'll be following in the footsteps of his father, Dr. Walter Carlson, an orthopedic surgeon at Orthopedic Institute in Sioux Falls.

Dark, hidden, musty catacombs. Ancient, withering documents containing information known by a select few. Secrets that have influenced history for thousands of years.

him realize his worries were small by comparison.

Lincoln High School

"It was amazing to see how lucky we have it here," Carlson said of the trip he took as a high school sophomore.

different sides of life."

Avera McKennan.

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He'll work this summer as a pre operative surgical nurse's aide at Converse White Shoes Low Cut

By Bayard Carlson

Carlson's medical career got a jump start when he Converse Uk Dainty Ox began volunteering regularly at Avera McKennan's free clinic. His Spanish skills are helpful in communicating with many of the clinic's clients.

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Now an 18 year old Lincoln High School senior, Carlson is preparing for college while planning for a future in medicine and indulging a love of music.

College Plans: Attend St. Olaf College, Northwestern University or Yale University and study medicineAttempting to plumb history of Catholicism

Converse Uk Dainty Ox

Converse Uk Dainty Ox

School: Lincoln High School, Sioux Falls

Converse Uk Dainty Ox

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