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Heathrow snapper reveals favourite snapshots From Richmond and Twickenham Times

Talking about his job, Dennis said: "I feel very fortunate to have worked at Heathrow for the past 64 years carrying out a job I see less as work and more as a passion.

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Born in Chelsea in June 1932, Dennis began his career with the airline British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) aged 14 as a post boy.

He said: "As I hadn't had much education during the war Converse Classic Red

"My mum loved reliving her stewardess days and I know my dad was over the moon to see her in a Virgin stewardess outfit."

Dennis still works three days a week at Heathrow and is hoping to achieve 65 years of photographing the sights and sounds of the airport.

Dennis convinced Sir Richard's mum to dress up as an air stewardess her former job and surprise her son by serving him on the flight.

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He said: "I got to hear that a BOAC 707 was coming to land with its nose wheel not down, so I rushed out to the runway with my Rolleiflex and captured the moment it crashed.

Converse High Heels For Sale

Converse High Heels For Sale

Converse High Heels For Sale

At the age of 34 Dennis decided to go freelance at the airport, and got his big break with the papers after being in the right place at the right time.

Among his favourite stars to shoot are Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart and Tommy Steele.

Since then Dennis' photographs of the most well known and loved musicians and actors, royalty and members of state, have gone on to feature in many of the leading national papers.

junior photographer for the press department and spent the next 10 years flying around the world, documenting the development of aviation and taking photographs ofOne of the first he captured was Cliff Richard in the late 1950s as he boarded a flight to New York.

His iconic pictures can now be seen in a new book, A Life at Converse High Heels For Sale the Airport: A Heathrow Photographer, which features some of his favourite images and insights into the stars he has met along the way.

Dennis has also become firm friends with Sir Richard Branson.

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When not working he spends his time with his wife Dorothy, who he has been married to for 54 years, his three sons Duncan, David and Darren and their children.

He still has all 27 of his old cameras, including his first Box Brownie Kodak camera, which his mum bought him at 13 for two shillings.

Converse High Heels For Sale

Converse High Heels For Sale

He wrote: "It's just one of many examples of Dennis' fun loving, cheeky personality, as well as his amazing way of making people feel special.

to life at Heathrow he has been presented with a golden key giving him the freedom of the terminals.

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Converse High Heels For Sale

He lists Joan Collins as his all time favourite after capturing her image over the years and receives a card from her every Christmas.

"She always asks 'How are you doing Dennis?'," he added.

He recalled the time he played a prank on the entrepreneur when on a Virgin flight with Mr Branson and his parents.

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In the foreword to Dennis' book Mr Branson recalls the moment.

years, I spent most of my two years National Service marching up and down and learning how to protect an air field.

Three years later he was made a Converse Shoes Leather Brown

"I have made many good friends here and been privy to a world that has allowed me to capture unique moments and events."

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