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"The department noted all instances of visual mold growth, however it is impossible to eliminate all mold and mold spores indoors due to the fact that mold occurs naturally outside," he said.

"The tile that contained mold, along with the ones that contained water spots should be changed and monitored for any future spots. The areas with the plaster problems should be encapsulated until the year ends," the report said.

Converse Shoes Womens

Converse Shoes Womens

Both the health inspector and Howanitz noted that a planned renovation of the school would address the problems.

The May 13 inspection comes after concerned parents and residents alleged last week that conditions in the 1928 school building were making students sick.

It also noted a broken air conditioning unit, a cracked wall and falling plaster from some second floor walls where old heating radiators were once located.

Birmingham City Schools officials Converse Low Top Womens

said Wednesday that the tile has been removed and replaced.

Converse Shoes Womens

Health Department investigates claims of mold

The health department inspection found only one spot of mold on a single tile in the band dressing room, the report showed.

ensure that no mold develops and to prevent them from contributing to structural issues "down the road."

Converse Shoes Womens

The health department advised school officials to eliminate the leaks as soon as possible to Converse High Heels For Sale

Converse Shoes Womens

Converse Shoes Womens

"Based on the inspection, the department did not see any areas of immediate concern with respect to health risks as a result of mold growth," said Jason Howanitz, senior air pollution control engineer Converse Shoes Womens with the health department.

[Download the full report here.]

Jefferson County Health Department spokeswoman Wanda Heard said the May 12 complaint was the first the health department has received on Bush K 8 in at least two years.

While no immediate health threat was observed, the health department did note multiple water spots on ceiling tiles caused by condensation from air conditioning units and small leaks from water lines.

A complaint filed May 12 on behalf of the parents and residents alleged lead and mold contamination throughout the school.

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alleged rodent problem, the health inspector said none were observed during the inspection and that a janitor stated a single rat was found in a trap "a couple of months ago, but other than that, rodents were not a problem at the school."

Converse Shoes Womens

Converse Shoes Womens

Bush K 8 School, despite the discovery of a small amount of mold during a recent inspection.

As to the Converse High Tops Toddler

Converse Shoes Womens

Howanitz said the health department has not received any complaints from parents or any of the students' physicians indicating illness attributed to mold.

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