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But St Onge isn't the only one representing Cornwall in this year's Kilimanjaro adventure; Marc Andre Clement and Maxime Delaquis are both in Africa this week to participate in the Black Converse High Tops Cheap

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up for the trek.

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"We're very excited; we're thrilled to have him here," said Sacred Heart principal Sharon McDougald, adding that many of the students planned to watch St Onge's trek over the coming days.

But before that, St Onge was continuing to climb the stairmaster during a trip to Cornwall on Monday morning.

He was put through a barrage of tests, but remained determined to participate in the trip.


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But a couple of weeks before leaving, St Onge had a nosebleed that wouldn't stop. His fiancee convinced him to go to the emergency room at the Cornwall Community Hospital, where they promptly put him in an ambulance and sent him to Ottawa.

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The team set a fundraising target of $100,000, which will go towards the college's new 911 centre that trains future emergency services and security personnel.

"It's great to have teachers involved," said St Onge, noting he hopes to bring his message of perseverance and teamwork to other local schools as well.

Health issue postpones Kilimanjaro dream

be a lot bigger than Kilimanjaro."

His daughter, who is in Grade 8 at the school, and the rest of her class will continue to follow the expedition as it wraps up in the next week.

St Onge has spent roughly 50 hours on the exercise machine so far, and gathered hundreds of others on Monday night to do a symbolic walk to the apex, planning the steps that mark the distance and height of Kilimanjaro at the same time as the team halfway around the world.

He brought his story to students at Sacred Heart Catholic School, and provided the chance for them to get involved by jumping on an exercise bike or stair machine before leading them on a march around the school grounds.

CORNWALL Health issues may have forced Paul St Onge out of an expedition to Africa, but they haven't slowed him from an attempt to climb the height of Mount Kilimanjaro anyway.

"We'll be arriving at the summit at the same time as they will be in Tanzania," he said.

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But St Onge was determined not to simply sit this one out.

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"All the time I was not thinking I was going to miss out," he said. "But the mountain I was going to climb was going to Converse Chucks Black

"I'm recreating the entire thing here at the college," he said.

Last week, as his friends and colleagues were acquainting themselves with Kili, St Onge set up a stairmaster outside the college and began his virtual ascent. He even set up a makeshift camp, similar to what the team is staying in on the side of a mountain.

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"I was in critical condition with regards to my blood," said St Onge, explaining that his platelet count was dangerously low.

He has been diagnosed with a blood disorder known as ITP a condition caused by not enough platelets but has more tests Converse Purple Dusk still to come. A hike in Tanzania's mountain air could have caused serious problems or even death, since his blood is flowing far thinner than it should.

The Cornwall resident and instructor at Ottawa's La Cite Collegiale was one of a dozen people who signed up to summit Africa's highest peak in a fundraiser and awareness campaign for the college's new training centre.

St Onge also set up his stairmaster at Glen Stor Dun Lodge over the weekend, allowing the participation of his father who suffers from Alzheimer's and largely inspired St Onge to sign Converse Black And White Low Cut

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