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am hoping that after the five weeks are up, we will see a higher percentage of boxes go out to these children, Marie said.

Heart and 'Sole'

But Sault Ste. Marie could do more, the couple maintains. With a population of 75,000, shoe box output per person represents less than 6% of residents.

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Converse Dark Red Style

Christmas Child will have a five week presence at both Station and Cambrian malls, which began Monday and wraps up Nov. 22. Representatives will have literature, pictures and, of course, boxes, should someone choose to take one to fill. Things wrap up Nov. 22 at noon, after which boxes are shipped out.

box makes a child smile and it makes those doing up the boxes smile, as well, said Marie, whose motto is one more box."


Operation Christmas Child is a project of Samaritan Purse, an international Christian relief and development group. The campaign was launched in 1990 and, since then, some 104 million boxes have been sent out world wide, reaching 150 countries, some of which are in very remote reaches of the globe.

Operation Converse Green Color

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In the past five years, the local chapter has increased its output from 1,875 to 4,373 boxes.

Converse Dark Red Style

with everything from toothpaste to toys, gearing up to captain another Operation Christmas Child drive.

Marie, retired from Sault Area Hospital, and Elgin, a former steelworker, have eight children between them, 19 grandchildren and Converse Shoes Ladies Australia

the fact that these children, who are in Third World countries, have nothing and, probably, this is the only gift they're ever going to get in their lifetime. include school supplies, hygienic products, clothing and toys.

Converse Dark Red Style

The couple, regional co ordinators for the annual project that sends gifts to children in Third World countries, has Converse Dark Red Style been involved in the local effort for eight years; it their sixth year ruddering the campaign, celebrating 20 years of operation.

Marie Long quickly apologizes for the cluttered condition of the kitchen and dining room at the Walnut Street home she shares with her husband, Elgin.

Converse Dark Red Style

Converse Dark Red Style

She and Elgin also volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul/ Vincent Place Food Bank.

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This year, the message is going to the malls.

Converse Dark Red Style

Converse Dark Red Style

"Just to let them know that somebody cares about them, Marie said.

"It's a good cause for these kids, Marie says.

nine great grandchildren, all living in southern Ontario. With more time to spare these days, the couple savours the chance to lend a hand to others.

your children do a shoe box for one of these less fortunate children. They will have so much fun and learn how to share with these other children. further information, Marie can be reached at 705 943 0529.

She can be excused. Marie and Elgin have been busy for the last little while filling shoe boxes Womens White Converse High Tops Size 5

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