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Converse Youth

old Georgia, now 10, when fit and healthy Lewis was born on September 14, 2007.

Converse Youth

Converse Youth

Converse Youth

For the next eight months everything seemed perfect.

Helping other families through the darkest of days was something Gayle said she felt she had to do.

Leaflets for Gayle's charity are distributed at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool and Great Ormond Street in London, which means she is helping grieving parents from across the country. Gayle, aged 42, who also has a son Jamie aged one, said 2014 was shaping up to be a busy year adding: "I'm hoping to set up two new playgroups this year, specifically for parents Converse Running Shoes For Women

who live in Stafford came up with the idea of setting up a support website for parents who are dealing with the death of a child.

But life was to take a cruel twist when Lewis had to go in and see the doctor after his eye Converse Youth appeared swollen.

Converse Youth

It was there that the Routledges were told the devastating news that there beloved eight month old son had Stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer, the worst strain of the disease.

Converse Youth

"It was a surreal day but it was almost a release because he was no longer suffering."

"But not long after that he woke up with a raging temperature and we took him to Stafford Hospital and then New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton. The doctors spent a week trying to get his temperature down. They didn't know what was wrong with him and he was kept in all that week and then he went over to Birmingham Children's Hospital."

Even actress Keeley Hawes is a fan of the group after she recorded two radio adverts for them free of charge.

"Most families who go through something like this feel like they want to give something back."

Converse Youth

Gayle and Stuart, who works for communications giant O2, already had a daughter, four year Toddler Converse High Tops Australia

Converse Youth

So along with her husband Stuart, aged 48, the pair Converse Laces

"He died on July 3.

"Losing Lewis was so hard and it affected the whole family," she said.

"We felt there was very little out their for us, in terms of support and advice.

Converse Youth

who have lost a child.

"The doctors thought he had an eye infection and we were sent home.

"He went through numerous operations and all different kinds of treatments and during January 2010 he seemed to get a lot better.

Converse Youth

"But he relapsed in the July that year when the cancer returned behind his ear and after that it was just a matter of time.

Heartbreak gives way to hope through charity Express Star

"That is why we decided to set up a support website and then finally register as a charity.

Gayle added: "He was in and out of Birmingham Children's Hospital after that. It became our second home.

Since then A Child Of Mine, which became a registered charity in May last year, has helped hundreds of families across the country come to terms with their tragic losses.

Gayle, who gave up her job as a sales manager when Lewis was first diagnosed, continued: "We came back from a family holiday in Florida and noticed Lewis's eye was swollen.

"He was riddled with cancer and just couldn't beat it.

Converse Youth

Converse Youth

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