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Converse Sale Uk Junior

Sandra Converse Sale Uk Junior Blevins, vice president of integrated health services with the Saskatoon Health Region, said the shortcomings pointed out in Wednesday's provincial auditor's report are nothing Converse High Tops White Size 4

The report showed that the health region allows patients to consult with specialists in the emergency department, which made up 17 per cent of emergency visits. The auditor identified this as another backlog.

If patients are unsure whether to visit the emergency department or a medical clinic, they can call the health help line to discuss their conditions, she said.

Part of the solution will be when the Children's Hospital opens, which houses an emergency department for Converse High Heels For Women

"That wasn't occurring and they certainly are not documenting that they are doing the reassessments," Ferguson said.

"We have been really trying to work at refocusing how we deliver our emergency services to meet that new space as well," Blevins said, adding the health region does not want to turn people away from the ER.

"One project that has been underway is what we call a heart assessment unit where those patients are admitted right up into the unit it is on an in patient unit and the assessment goes through a whole series of care standards. That patient is either admitted right away or discharged," Blevins said.

Converse Sale Uk Junior

Converse Sale Uk Junior

adults and children.

The health region has set a goal to reduce less urgent and non urgent patient visits to emergency departments by 25 per cent by 2013 14.

"We've done an improvement project at RUH (Royal University Hospital) where we have a small area set up for that population. So they are admitted into that area, they are cared for and the care hopefully turns very Converse Tennis Shoes

"There is a provincial target set for us and one that we are starting to work very hard towards that by 2017, we would have no waits in (emergency departments)," she said.

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new to the health region.

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Converse Sale Uk Junior

One of the issues that is impacting the emergency department's ability to properly triage is that less urgent or non urgent patients are visiting emergency instead of a medical clinic. The report found that those two groups combined made up 54 per cent of ER visits within a year.

quickly," she said.

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The report made eight recommendations for the health region after finding the emergency departments are not following national standards for triaging patients.

Converse Sale Uk Junior

Health region works to improve care at Saskatoon

"Unfortunately for a number of people, that's their first point of entry into the health care system and it is an area that has a high volume of patients," Judy Ferguson, acting provincial auditor, said.

Converse Sale Uk Junior

Blevins said a project that was examined through St. Paul's Hospital included reassessment if the patient is not pulled into the emergency department when they arrive. She added that while the report found the health region begins the patient's wait time when triage starts instead of when they enter the emergency department, they are hoping their goal of no wait times will diminish this problem.

The health region is working hard to improve services at its three emergency departments in Saskatoon.

Converse Sale Uk Junior

The report found that the nursing staff was not reassessing patients in the waiting room, which Ferguson said is important to do in case the condition worsens.

Converse Sale Uk Junior

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