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Converse Colors High Tops

It is best to talk with your healthcare provider obstetrician, anesthesiologist for more information (risks and benefits of each method) and references.

Acupuncture Used prior to or during labor. Acupuncture needles are placed at different acupuncture points on the body believed to correspond with the areas causing pain thus relieving the pain.

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Hydrotherapy Patients spend much of, if not all of their labor immersed in a pool of water and the baby is delivered underwater. Pain relief is believed to come from decreased anxiety, relaxation and a decrease in the pressure component of pain.

Converse Colors High Tops

2. IV (intravenous)/ IM (intramuscular) medications Narcotic medications are given to the patient. Depending on the medication used, the patient may receive one or Converse White

Converse Colors High Tops

pain of labor.

Converse Colors High Tops

Converse Colors High Tops

multiple doses of medication. Sometimes a patient is able to use an infusion pump, which allows them to push a button when they feel pain triggering the pump to deliver medication. This is called patient controlled analgesia or PCA.

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4. Nerve block Performed by an obstetrician to relieve some of the pain during late labor. Local anesthetic is injected into and relieves pain in the perineal area.

Converse Colors High Tops

Converse Colors High Tops

3. Epidural/Spinal anesthesia Performed by a qualified anesthesia provider (anesthesiologist, anesthesiology resident, nurse anesthetist). Local anesthetic and/or a narcotic medication is Converse Colors High Tops injected into the lower back through a catheter (that is left in place) or a needle (not left in place). Epidural/Spinal anesthesia can be used for all stages of labor. Pain relief lasts for different amounts of time depending if the medication is given continuously or one time. When an infusion pump is used the patient is able to receive a continuous infusion of medication as well as use the pump as a PCA. If a catheter is left in place and used during labor it can possibly be used to provide anesthesia if a Cesarean section is needed.

The joy of labor and delivery can be overcast with the pain that accompanies it. Frequently women choose to learn about labor and delivery and options for pain control in order to relieve anxiety about the entire process.

Hypnotherapy patients are taught how to self hypnotize or meet with a hypnotherapist (who will be present during labor) prior to labor. Hypnosis is believed to relax the patient and help them Converse One Star Vintage

Being informed about this process not only allows women learn about available options that may suit their particular beliefs and lifestyles but also to understand what may be safest/realistic for them when their health and health of the baby are taken into consideration. Not every pain control method is available at every hospital. Some of these methods are briefly described below.

1. Relaxation Techniques This includes breathing and distraction techniques learned in prenatal birthing classes. Massage/simple touch, serve to relive pain, calm and distract the mother to be. Relaxation techniques can be used alone or with other pain control methods. They can also help to involve partners and family members.

Converse Colors High Tops

Converse Colors High Tops

Converse Colors High Tops

5. Unconventional/Alternative Methods There are many alternative methods for pain control. The ones mentioned are not widely used and many healthcare providers believe that they have not yet been proven to be beneficial. Regardless, there are many those that still choose to use them:

Converse Colors High Tops

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