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Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut

Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut

Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut

season you come in and you don't want to practice or you're struggling in practice. Now, it's a bonus."

The team's success is the talk of the hallways. The video board outside of the high school is running continuous highlights of the Trojans' Northwest Regional victories over Hillcrest Tuscaloosa and Austin this past weekend.

"It's been there since Senior Night (when we lost to Bob Jones)," Jeffers explained. Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut "Every year, our parents have a dinner for the boys and girls teams and the cheerleaders. It was just a centerpiece on one of the tables.

"Somebody gave it to me afterward and said 'Take this home to your wife,' and I said 'OK.' Then I left it here and . we haven't lost since."

(The Huntsville Times/Robin Conn)

Two plus weeks and five games have since passed, and now the Trojans have their sights set on a centerpiece of their own. It's a plaque, really, with Converse High Tops Men

Hazel Green ready to continue late run in Birmingham

Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut

"You know, it's funny because we're all talking about getting to practice another week. A lot of times during the Converse Golden Goose

"We always have a little pre practice meeting at midcourt, and I could tell right then that they were focused and ready to go," Jeffers said. "I thought we had a spirited practice."

Added Spencer: "It seems like we're going to Converse All Black High Cut

Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut

have the same amount as we did at Wallace, or maybe more. Everybody I've talked to said they're going to the game. Even people from other schools that we've played against Lee, Butler, Buckhorn, Bob Jones, Huntsville, Sparkman they're going, too."

Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut

"I just wanted to wish him good luck," Dugan said. "I told him (Hazel Green) needed another picture on the wall."

"We're happy we've gotten to this point," senior forward Willie Spencer said. "But we're only two games away from something bigger."

Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut

Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut

Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut

As for the team, Jeffers gave the members 48 hours to enjoy the spoils of the weekend. When the Trojans reconvened Monday, he liked what he saw.

"Monday was amazing," Jeffers said. "The buzz . everybody you see is pumped up. They're talking about the crowd we had (at Wallace State Hanceville). The carryover from that is they're saying 'We're going to be there again.' "

HAZEL GREEN, Alabama The small floral arrangement that sits on Todd Jeffers desk has seen better days. The petals are drooping. The color is all but gone.

It's no false sentiment, either. Five buses had filled up with signatures of future student passengers by Tuesday afternoon. That's 250 teens, not to mention, as Jeffers pointed out, "those that will drive down there or sign up in the next few days."

a big blue map of the state of Alabama tacked right on the front. Only 12 of the Final 48 teams in Birmingham this week will return home with one in hand. against similarly unranked Murphy (26 5) at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center.

It's been 45 years since the Trojans won their only state title. The coach of that team, Jerry Dugan, made a point to visit Jeffers at the school Tuesday.

Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut

But don't think for a second that it's leaving the Hazel Green coach's office anytime soon.

Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut

Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut

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