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Converse Shearling Hi Top Grey

Converse Shearling Hi Top Grey

I read it in the Star.

Last week, she was convicted of four counts of fraud, with 94 similar offences taken into consideration. Her eight week jail sentence, suspended for a year drew hefty criticism from Star readers.

Converse Shearling Hi Top Grey

Converse Shearling Hi Top Grey

Converse Shearling Hi Top Grey

THE mother of a brave young cancer sufferer has told the Star of her disbelief after a conwoman, whom she invited into her home, was given a suspended jail sentence for a shamefaced scam.

"Although mum died some time ago I wanted to do something to mark my 50th and chose three charities, Willowbrook Hospice, Clatterbridge Hospital and The Little Princess Trust, who make wigs for

Converse Shearling Hi Top Grey

"I gave her 10 and three neighbours gave her money because of Kyle. This was when he was in the middle of treatment and had been home for a day or two. I didn't think anything more about it until

"I'm furious she seems to have gotten away with it. It puts people off giving to proper charities."

Jayne Le Noan from Haydock recently had her head shaved in memory of her mum. She is appalled over what she claims is a lenient sentence.

Carol said: "I was gobsmacked when I read about it. She had knocked on my door and said she was raising money by doing a sponsored run. I said if you want to come in and meet my son. So she did and

just four people a year across the UK.

chatted with Kyle for at Converse No Laces Womens

"I told her it was great what she was doing. When I asked how I would find out how she went on, she told me it would be in the council magazine St Helens First.

Carol's comments were echoed by many across town who had been affected by the scam.

As his anxious family wait for the results of his latest tests, Carol, 44, from Haresfinch read with dismay about Marita Rimaitis who preyed on the good nature of neighbours by claiming she was

She said: "I lost my mum to breast cancer and was devastated to read about her (Rimaitis).

"I was doing this for personal reasons, because I lost someone. I just wanted to give something back. How can you Converse Shearling Hi Top Grey trust people? This has had an impact on people like me. I can't knock on my

least five minutes.

Converse Shearling Hi Top Grey

Head shave conwoman was invited into cancer All Black Converse High Tops Size 8

battler's home From St Helens Star

Converse Shearling Hi Top Grey

either going to have her head shaved for Cancer Research or take part in a sponsored run.

Converse Shearling Hi Top Grey

Carol Walker's eight year old son Kyle is fighting a rare form of lymphoma, which affects Womens Converse High Tops Cheap

Converse Shearling Hi Top Grey

children who have lost their hair.

Converse Shearling Hi Top Grey

Converse Shearling Hi Top Grey

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